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Photovoltaic Modules

Offers High Efficiency and price competitive solar modules, with various wattage to meet any power requirement with different situation and location.


Offers Planning, Design Engineering and Procurement included Installation of commercial renewably Energy that meet with Industrial / Commercial Standard.

Balance of System (BOS)

Offer High Quality Photovoltaic Balance of System, Inverter, Mounting structure, Battery/Energy Storage, DC/AC Protection, AC/DC Enclosures for any equipment.


Nationwide network is our value added services (Reseller, Installers and Local partners /Contractors) Provide Solution of Saving Energy by Energy Management System , Creating Green & environment Friendly Energy by using latest technology of Solar system.

Water Pump

Offer High Quality Photovoltaic system with Detail Engineering for Any Water Pump requirement, Drink Water, Irrigation, Salt water with reverse osmosis or other water production with solar power. PT.ANDARA is Part of LORENTZ Gmbh Premier Sales & Service Partner in Indonesia.

Installation, Services, and Maintenance

Nationwide Electrical & Mechanical Engineering and Installation of Renewable Energy System. DC/AC Power system, Diesel Generator Hybrid system, are available included on site/off site project management.

On - Grid Connected System

A-grid tied system connects directly to the existing power grid, create and supply extra power in the System and may also have ability to sell excess energy/power to the power company, Application for Residential, Small & Large Scale power plant for Independent Power Producer (IPP), or Industrial user.

Off - Grid Connected System

Stand-alone Solar system to generate Electricity from the sun directly to charge Battery during daytime and supply all Appliances load using Energy from the Battery. Application for Small Home System, Hybrid System, Telecommunications, and other remote area electrification with Solar power system.

Uninterruptable Grid - Connected System

A grid-tied system with battery back-up, we can draw power from the Grid when needed,In the condition of power blackout, solar system will continue to generate electricity during the day, powering the all appliances load and charge the back-up batteries. During the night the backup batteries will help us stay bright. Application for Residential, Offices, and Commercial user.

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We are dedicated to use our unique experiences with the innovative technology to contribute future green and Environment friendly energy to bring Harmony of life with the spirit of Quality and Integrity.

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